Thursday, 5 March 2009

Another year... another Davis Cup

The 2009 Davis Cup begins this weekend; a bizarre event in tennis. I am always surprised by the number of top players prepared to travel around the world to play a couple of matches where no result really matters until they have arduously made it through to the final. Of course that is the same in a normal ATP tour event but they take place over one week and not a year.

The event has always been a bit of a sideshow in Britain simply because we seem incapable of having more than 1 good player. I suppose if Britain had the depth of France, Spain or Argentina then the interest would be significantly higher. Murray has pulled out injured for the tie vs Ukraine, though his emphusiasm for the Davis Cup must be small after he won both his matches last Autumn yet Great Britain were still relegated. I doubt he sees much importance in the Davis Cup and why should he? If there is no one capable of winning the other three matches is there any point him turning up?

I didn't follow much of the Dubai Open as I was busy trying to ski in the French Alps. There is something slightly worrying about being a quarter of the way down a piste before realising that you are nowhere near good enough to make it to the bottom! Cue spending the next hour falling over as you try to make your way to the end. Skiing must be one of the most exhausting things you can do and I think I will need a week to recover!

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